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“Access to effective and affordable early care and education has proven multi-generation effects, helping parents enter the workforce, gain critical skills and be self-sufficient while providing children with early resources they need to succeed. This is critical to our families, workforce and country” – Nobel Laureate – James Heckman

Why e2A Online Tutoring?

Highly qualified teachers and tutors

Choose your tutor based on skills and budget preference

All tutors are vetted and have a current Work With Children Check (WWCC)

Options of one-to-one lesson or small group lesson

Professional whiteboard designed for online tutoring

Our Services

Our Services

School subjects tutoring? You bet

Let it be Maths, English, Science, History, Geography… we have you covered.


Assignments & Homework? Done

Do you need someone to guide you on the way? Our highly qualified tutor can be handy.


Exam & test preparations? Checked

Do you have an exam and test soon? Yes, it can be hard to deal with at times! Let us help you.

Other study related issues? Sure

Need support with other study related problems? No worries, we are here for you!


Our Area of Expertise


Did you know Pie and Pi are closely related to Pizza? The volume of a pizza with a nominal radius of “z” and height “a” will, be: Pi × z × z × a! Now, if you enter Pi as 3.14 in the your calculator and look at it in the mirror, there is a ‘pie’! Read More


We all know that our atmosphere is made up of roughly 78% of nitrogen and 21% of oxygen, with various other gases present in small amounts. But, do you know that 20% of the world’s oxygen is produced in the Amazon rainforest? Read More


Let’s have a go with this: did you know that the English language is believed to be one of the “happiest” languages in the world? This is because the word “happy” is used three times more often than the word “sad”! How wonderful is this? Read More


Imagination is more important than knowledge. For knowledge is limited, whereas imagination embraces the entire world, stimulating progress, giving birth to evolution.” – Albert Einstein. Still wonder why he is one of the greatest physicists! Read More



Did you know the smell of coins is not due to the metal itself but is produced from the reaction between organic chemical substances of our body, e.g., the sweat from our palm and the metal when they contact each other? This is chemistry! Read More


Let’s pause for a while and think about this: The human lung is made up of more than 300 million alveoli! The alveolar surface area is almost 100 times more than the surface of the human body! — You see, biology is never a boring subject! Read More


Let’s have a go with this: How much do you know about the Great Pyramid of Giza in Egypt? The pyramid is also named the Pyramid of Khufu after the fourth dynasty Pharaoh. It sits alongside the pyramids of Khafre and Menkaure. Guess what? It is perfectly aligned with the constellation of Orion. Read More


Let us tell you some fun facts about Geography: Did you know that Australia is wider than the moon? Here is another one: Vatican City is the smallest country in the world! Last but not least, did you know that Africa is the only continent that covers four hemispheres (North, East, South and West)? Read More

Business Studies

Business studies is a subject that instils integrity, result-driven, doing business with great social responsibility, sense of accountability, meeting deadlines, despite being under pressure, viewing people as your greatest resource and doing everything with great confidence and self-belief. Read More

Success is within reach, so what are you waiting for?

We have highly experienced tutors available in every state in Australia that suits your budgets!
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Learn With Us

Why Learn With Us?


Safety of your children

We vet our tutors very carefully, and we eliminate the risk of inviting someone unknown to your property by going online. What’s more? All our tutors have a Work With Children Check (WWCC).


Beat the traffic and your busy life

Reclaim your lost time! Save you and your child’s time from travelling so that you can spend more time together as a family! This is where we can solve your problem!


4-tiers of top quality tutors

We have multi-tiers of highly experienced Online tutors available. Choose from our 4-tiers tutors – Master Tutor, Super Tutor, Experienced Tutor or Qualified Tutor that suit your needs and budget!


Realize your child's full potential

HSC, VCE, QCE or any exam coming soon? We know it can be a worrying time! We believe your child is highly capable! With some help and guidance from our tutors, things can really improve in your favour! Best of all, you can track their progress.


Interactive and fun learning

We’ve all been a student, and we understand how fun learning is important to make you love the subjects, so we are always looking for improvement, and we believe you will love it too!


Online video tutoring and recording

Everything is online! Wonder how to track your child’s progress? No worries! Our tutors will send you feedback, and a report after a session is completed! You will also have free access to the session recording!

Teach With Us

Why Teach With Us?


Above industry average pay

Not only do we pay you based on your experience, but our pay is highly competitive and well above industry average!


Absolutely zero travel required

Provide your high-quality online tutoring services wherever you like, at home, a quiet corner of the library, etc. you name it! All you need is a computer with a camera, microphone and e-writing pad.


Minimal administration

Do what you do best. You take good care of our students and let us take care of the payment, technology, marketing and the boring stuff.


Teaching without border

Do you have a strong love for Maths? Science? English? Are you an expert in your subject? Love to share your knowledge with students from different school levels? Then join us now and reach out to our students across Australia!


Quarterly and yearly rewards

We like to reward hard-working and loyal tutors/teachers. We employ a point recognition program based on hours completed and verified review.


Flexible hours

Find it frustrating to have to work outside your preferred working hours? With e2A tutoring, you choose your own working hours. Work around your other commitments. Just tell us your availabilities!


What Do Parents Say?

The whole process was so easy. I get to choose my tutor. Price is very affordable for 1-to-1 coaching. User friendly platform. My 8 years old likes it very much. Thank you!

5-stars rating review

Robyn Harper

Fantastic services, both my sons love online tutoring.

5-stars rating review

Rebecca Clement


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