Mission & Vision

Our Mission and Vision

e2A Tutoring is an Australian online tutoring services provider, serving all school age students around Australia. We offer interactive and fun online tutoring for the majority of the popular school subjects, such as Maths, Science, English and many others. We believe in “locals-for-locals,” so you can rest assured that our tutors know your state’s curriculum very well and speak your language!

e2A Tutoring is not “just another online tutoring service” because we do things very differently. Not only do we have multi-tier highly experienced tutors around Australia, but we also look after your budget! We do all the heavy lifting, and we want just ONE VERY SIMPLE COMMITMENT from our tutors: Do what you do best to bring out the best in our students!

Our Mission


Every child is the hope for the future, and each one should be given equal opportunity to succeed and achieve their full potential!

Our Vision


To provide high-quality online tutoring and learning opportunities to all school children; assist them in achieving their full potential by using the best technology, complemented by the best tutors without compromising the child’s safety and parents’ budget!

The Problems

We Know the Problems … well

The Three Fundamental Problems

While education is the best investment that parents can provide to their children, from speaking to many parents, we found out that in Australia, there are at least three fundamental problems to existing tutoring services.

Problem 2: Unknown Tutor Quality

More often than not, your child is assigned to a tutor that claims to be the “best fit.” You do not know anything about the tutor, nor can you choose a tutor. We believe this arrangement is not fair to tutors, clients and students.

Problem 3: Too expensive

Yes, we hear you. At e2A, we believe education services, such as private tutoring, should be accessible and affordable to all. We are here to disrupt the industry…

The Solutions

How We’re Solving it?

Solving Fundamental Problems in Three Steps

We carefully craft and fine-tune our services – all the time! We think very hard, and we’re always on the lookout for better solutions. Why? Because we care!

Remember our vision?

“To provide high-quality education and learning opportunities to every child, assist them in achieving their full potential by utilizing the best technology, complement them with the best tutors without compromising their safety and parents’ budget!”

This is exactly why we built e2A Tutoring!

Step 1: Carefully Selected & Vetted Tutors

Safety, safety and safety! So we carefully screen our tutors’ applications, and only the very top outstanding tutors with great teaching experience will proceed to the next round of selection. More importantly, they MUST have an active Work With Children Check (WWCC).

Step 2: Strict Quality Control

Usually, a decent or popular tutoring service can be pricey. But it does not have to be. At e2A, we believe great tutoring service can be affordable too. We are perhaps one of the most budget-friendly tutoring services provider in Australia that also works with top-quality tutors!

Step 3: Budget Friendly Packages

We have multi-tiers of highly experienced tutors available. Choose from our 4-tier tutors – Tutor Master, Super Tutor, Experienced Tutor or Qualified Tutors that suit your needs and budget!

Let’s Learn Together!

Learning with us is perhaps one of the best decisions you can make today! Let our highly experienced tutors lead the way to your child’s academic success; the key to their success is with you!

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