Although there are many advantages to studying more traditional subjects such as English, Mathematics or History, or mastering a new language, it is perhaps more and more often to subjects with direct and practical applications that people are turning. And arguably the one most relevant to the world today, is Business Studies. It is a massive subject, allowing you to either take in a broad spectrum of knowledge regarding the nature of businesses specifically and the business world in general or, optionally, specialise in one area of expertise. Whichever approach you choose, rest assured that the modern world runs on the ideas that you will learn, meaning that a job, a career or even your own business, might be where such studies lead you.

Business Studies develops communication skills

The first thing that begins to develop when you start to study the subject are your own communication skills. As you learn, either in the classroom, or one-on-one via a remote teacher, you will naturally learn how to communicate and interact with like minded people. At the heart of business lies a need to communicate your ideas and this is the first thing which you will see developing. And as you begin to master more and more of the subject you will also find yourself analysing cases, understanding the art of presentation and learning how to resolve and discuss conflicts of opinion. After all, as in life, there is generally no one right answer and being able to counter or incorporate conflicting opinions, and do so diplomatically and constructively, is a useful skill to have.

Business Studies develops Marketing skills

No matter what you do after your studies, the skill of marketing an idea is something applicable to many aspects of the non-business world too. If a career in business awaits you then understanding how to make your company or product stand out from the competition is vital but its principles are also applicable to writing your resume, designing a poster for a community event and generally making you realise how people think when it comes to new ideas or changes in habits.

Business Studies develops budgeting skills

Often seen as a less exciting part of the subject but it is worth knowing that many great ideas fail to become successful businesses because of poor accounting or budgeting skills. Even a basic understanding of cash flow and accounting can help you get the edge over the competition and again the skills are transferable to the real world. The difference between costing a manufacturing plant and budgeting for the weekly shopping is only really a matter of scale.

Business Studies unlock the entrepreneur within you

With the changes in the nature of the global economy and the rise of connective technology – the internet, e-commerce, blogging – more and more people look at running their own small business as an alternative to the more traditional career paths. Whether selling hand-crafted items, working as a freelance photographer, importing coffee beans or anything else, a grounding in business helps you think big whilst getting the fundamentals ideas in place.

A great idea is only half the story, a great business plan is the other half.

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