Siblings and Second Subject Discounts

If your child need helps with additional subject or you have a second child that need help with his/her studies, e2A Tutoring is always here to help. What is so special about it? We offer a further 15% discount for the second subject or sibling! The best part of it? The offer is continuous as long as you are wih us (T&C apply). The only thing we asked is enroling your child to our 10- or 20-lesson package.

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Terms & Conditions

Eligibility for Siblings Discounts
  1. Enrolled as e2A students and proven to be immediate family sibling relationship.
  2. Sibling relationship defined as either brother or sister of e2A current student.
  3. Discount applies only to the second sibling, not the first.
  4. First sibling is defined as first enrolled student.
  5. Siblings are not required to study concurrently
  6. Discount is applied to the current enrolled semester and future enrolled semesters, once approved.
  7. Discount cannot be post-dated to previous semesters, regardless of eligibility.
  8. Discount will be terminated if one of the siblings leaves or discontinues the lessons with e2A Tutoring.  
Eligibility for Second Subject Discounts
  1. Must currently be an active student with e2A Tutoring.
  2. The same student must have enrolled to at least one subject with e2A Tutoring.
  3. The 15% discount is only apply to the second subject. However, the discount will carry on every time the lesson package is renewed. 
  4. Discount will be terminated if the student  terminates any of the existing lessons with e2A Tutoring.  
Other Terms and Conditions of The Discounts
  1. The discount is not transferrable for cash, nor refundable, and cannot be transferred to a non-sibling.
  2. Any of the discount cannot be used in conjunction with any other offers, unless approved by e2A management.
  3. e2A tutoring reserves the right to make any amendment to the terms and conditions for the discounts with or without prior notice.
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