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What is so special about e2A from student/parents and tutors point of view?

e2A Tutoring is an Australian online tutoring service, serving all school age students around Australia. We offer interactive and fun online tutoring for the majority of popular school subjects, such as Maths, Science, English, and many others. We believe in “locals-for-locals,” so you can rest assured that our tutors know your state’s curriculum very well and speak your language!

e2A Tutoring is not “just another tutoring service” because we do things very differently. Not only do we have multi-tier highly experienced tutors around Australia, but we also look after your budget! We do all the heavy lifting, and we want just ONE VERY SIMPLE COMMITMENT from our tutors: Do what you do best to bring out the best in our students!
So, what do we stand for? Every child is the hope for the future, and each one should be given equal opportunity to succeed and achieve their full potential!

Here is what we want: to provide high-quality tutoring and learning opportunities to all children, assist them in achieving their full potential by using the best technology, complemented by the best tutors without compromising their safety and parents’ budget!

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Where is your tuition centre?

e2A Tutoring is an online tutoring service provider. We do not have a physical tuition centre, but we provide online tutoring services across Australia.

Who are the tutors?

Our tutors are carefully screened and selected from a large pool of candidates. They consist of experienced school teachers, PHD, professional workers, university graduates and students. e2A classifies our tutors into four tiers: Tutor Master, Super Tutor, Experienced Tutor and Qualified Tutor (in descending order of experience/qualifications). Refer to our tutor profile page HERE for more details.

What are the different tiers of tutors?

e2A provides different tiers of tutors to cater to the different demands of parents/students.
i. Tutor Master – Our most qualified tutor mainly includes Australian qualified school teachers with substantial school teaching and tutoring experiences.

ii. Super Tutor – Mainly includes Australian qualified teachers with at least three years of school teaching experience and considerable tutoring experiences OR PHD and Graduate students who are ATAR high achievers with substantial tutoring experiences.

iii. Experienced Tutor – All Australian qualified school teachers not included in the above categories OR PHD, and University students who are ATAR high achievers with considerable tutoring experiences.

iv. Qualified Tutor – Any tutor not included in above categories but meet our minimum criteria of university student who is an ATAR achiever with some tutoring experiences.

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What subjects do you offer?

We offer a range of subjects including Maths, English, Science, Business and more for students from K to Year 12 across Australia. Please see HERE for our area of expertise. Our services include online tutoring, exam preparations, homeworks and assignments help as well as any school/education related assistance for your children.

Do you have a referral program?

At the moment, we do not have any referral program. We believe our services offering are very competitive in the industry. Subscribe to our newsletter for updates on any future promotion or referral program.

How do you handle my personal and payment details?

Security is one of the biggest considerations in everything we do at e2A Tutoring.

We use Stripe as our payment gateway to process all transactions. Stripe is one of the world’s most secure and trusted online payment processors to store your payment information. All card numbers are encrypted on disk with AES-256. Decryption keys are stored on separate machines, and Stripe’s infrastructure for storing, decrypting, and transmitting card numbers runs in separate hosting infrastructure, and doesn’t share any credentials with Stripe’s primary services.

For more details on data security, please see HERE

For more details on your privacy, please see HERE

What are the benefits and advantages of having a tutor?

Having a tutor who knows your local syllabi has many benefits and advantages. Tutors that know your local syllabi will be able to help your child more efficiently. For students that are struggling in class and can’t keep up with the work and/or teacher, a personalised tutor will be able to guide and work to help your child achieve the goal. In this case, having a tutor will also boost their confidence and reduce your child’s stress. On the other hand, having a tutor would also be very beneficial to help students that are already getting good academic results in class to gain an even better competitive edge!

How often should my child have a tutoring session?

It really depends on your child’s learning needs and the goal you set for them and what their current level of knowledge is. Our recommendation would be once a week to begin with and reassessing as the session progresses. However, it is worth mentioning that the more sessions you purchase, the more discounts you will get!

How do I track my child's progress?

Your tutor will provide and share a report with you after each tutoring session, highlighting topics covered in the session, areas your child did well in or needed extra help with and their overall progress. You may also access the session recordings at any time. If you have any concerns, please discuss them with the tutor at the start or end of your next session.

Are there any study materials available for me?

Your session is tailored ONLY to your needs; therefore, it is impossible for us to provide study material that is suitable for everyone. However, during your first lesson, our tutor will aim to get to know your child (and you), your child’s learning style, including your child’s personality. They will then tailor their lessons according to your child’s and your target/goal. If you are unsure, then make sure you advise the tutor of your choice, and he/she will be able to work this out for you.

How can I provide feedback about my tutor?

Upon completion of all your sessions with your tutor, we will send you an email asking for your review and feedback. This consists of a “STAR” rating and comments about your lesson(s) and tutor. Your feedback is very important to us and to our tutor in order for us to ensure we continuously improve our services and reward our tutors accordingly. You can also drop us an email anytime at to provide immediate feedback.

Do you provide an online tutoring video recording that I can review at a later date?

Yes, all tutoring sessions are recorded. With the session recorded, parents can check the contents of the session, and students can also review the session at any time free of charge.

How are your tutors selected?

Our tutors are carefully handpicked based on their highest educational qualification, ATAR score, location, teaching/tutoring experience, ability to provide fun, interactive and engaging learning environment. More importantly, they all have an active Work With Children Check (WWCC). Yes, that sounds like a lot! But we want to make sure that they are truly qualified and able to deliver results that our clients are looking for.

What is your cancellation policy?

We adopt a strict 24hr cancellation policy to ensure everyone is given sufficient notice. For any other situation, please refer to our Terms & Conditions, under the section “Rescheduling and Cancellation.”

What do I do if I still have more questions?

If you can’t find what you are looking for, then please fill out our contact form below with details. We will get back to you as soon as we can.


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