How it Works

How It Works

Simple and Efficient Online Learning Process 

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Not only our website, but literally everything we do here at e2A Tutoring is designed with you as valuable clients and students in mind, that is how We Do Things Differently. We understand your time is the most precious thing in your life, so we make everything simple and easy to navigate and the online tutoring session as seamless as possible!

All the important details are here!
First thing first – check out our Expertise and range of Tutors that we believe will fit your budget. It doesn’t really matter which state you’re from, we have local specialists who understand your state’s curriculum. We believe in local-for-local! What is more? We have a Perfect Recipe for your child’s academic success!
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Once you have familiarised yourself with how we can help your child academically, and you’re convinced that we are the right tutoring service for you, then please sign up using the SIGN IN/SIGNUP button on the top right-hand corner of any page with your details. However, please also allocate some time to read our Terms & Conditions and Privacy Policy carefully to make sure you understand and are happy with the policy and terms before you sign up.

Choose your tutoring package

Do you just want a single-session to try out our service? Or do you want multiple sessions (5- or 10-sessions) with great savings? No problem, we’ve got you covered! Please check our Pricing & Packages page. To make it even more budget-friendly, we do offer group lessons. To ensure quality, the total number of students allowed in a group is three. Clicking the “Book Now” on our “Pricing” page will bring you to the specific tutor tier section where you can book a lesson with your preferred tutor. Complete the booking form after you select your preferred tutor and make payment accordingly. We will then take care of everything for you. Alternatively you may also ask us to match a tutor for you.

Select your tutors and book a session with them

Do you want a Tutor Master, our most experienced tutor, to work with your children toward their HSC, VCE, WACE or QCE or any school subject assistance? Or do you want our Qualified Tutor with less teaching experience but more budget friendly? No problem! We have all that for you. If you have not signed up with us yet, you will need to sign up first before you can book a session with them. If you have done so, then well done! You can now book a lesson with the tutor of your choice! It is all that easy!

Get ready for your tutoring session

What a milestone! And thank you for choosing us and our tutors to bring the BEST out of your child, we truly appreciate the opportunity! Prior to your session, make sure you and your children are familiar with our system and also make sure that your internet connection is reliable and all your hardware (PC, microphone and headphones etc) are functioning properly. Please look at our Technical Document for more details. Please also spend some time familiaring yourself with our video conference and online whiteboard system HERE.

Hang on a second...

Have you checked out our supporting document? We have many useful tips and information that you may find very useful prior to your session. It doesn’t really matter if you are a tutor, parent or student, we have almost everything for everyone. Check them out HERE. You might also like to check our Education Resources, Who knows, some of the tips may be very helpful to you!

Learning Session

Online Tutoring Session Break-down

Our expert tutors offer guidance through demonstration, worked examples, and assign targeted practice questions to help students master the topics and concepts covered. As a matter of fact, we strongly suggest you sit with your children, especially during their very first online tutoring session, or if your children are not independent enough to join the tutoring session by themselves. We found that children are more comfortable and confident throughout the session when a parent joins in at the very first session.

After each session, personalised feedback will be provided to help students and parents track their progress. Do not forget that all your sessions are recorded, and you can access the recordings in your account (login is needed).

Typical 60-minutes session break-down


Establishing the session objectives

  • For the very first session, our tutor will discuss with you what areas you need to focus on.
  • For subsequent sessions, our tutor will review the previous session’s progress and assign practice questions.
  • Both you and the tutor will set new session learning objectives.

During the session (50 minutes)

  • During the 50 minutes, we strongly encourage students to express their thinking and clarify their understanding of certain concepts.
  • The tutor demonstrates, guides and explains concepts.
  • After that, our tutor will work through some exercises based on the topics and concepts of the day.
  • Both you and the tutor will work through any challenges and questions you may have or discuss anything related that may help you understand the topic better.


Reflection and looking ahead

  • Reflect and review what has been discussed during the online tutoring session.
  • Our tutor may send you some “take-home” practice questions, this is to ensure that you fully understand the concept.
  • We strongly encourage you to write down any questions or challenges you may encounter during the practice and discuss them with our expert at the beginning of your next session.
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