Parents’/ Students’ Questions

Who are your tutors?

In order to make our services more affordable and more transparent than many other tutoring services providers, we have 4-tiers of top-quality tutors for you to choose from. Our most experienced tutors are Tutor Masters, followed by Super Tutor, Experienced Tutor and Qualified Tutors. Tutor Master is our highest qualified tutor with the most teaching experience, and we highly recommend them if you have a big budget. Alternatively, choose our Qualified Tutor if you have budget constraints, but rest assured, they are great tutors as well. Please see HERE for more details.


What are the different tiers of tutors?

e2A provides different tiers of tutors to cater to the different demands of parents/students.
i. Tutor Master – Our most qualified tutor mainly includes Australian qualified school teachers with substantial school teaching and tutoring experience.
ii. Super Tutor – Mainly includes Australian qualified teachers with at least three years’ school teaching experience and considerable tutoring experience OR PHD and Graduate students who are ATAR high achievers with substantial tutoring experience.
iii. Experienced Tutor – All Australian qualified school teachers, not included in the above categories OR PHD and University students who are ATAR high achievers with considerable tutoring experience.
iv. Qualified Tutor – Any tutor not included in above categories but meet our minimum criteria of university student who are ATAR achiever with some tutoring experiences.

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What service package do you offer?

In order to make our service more affordable, we offer multi-tier tutors with different teaching experience that would certainly suit your requirements. Purchasing either a 5-session package or 10-session package would also save you a significant amount of money.

For 1-to-1 online lessons, you may choose a single lesson, 5-session package or 10-session package, with the latter providing the most savings.

If you know someone that would like to attend tuition with your child, ask them to join as a small group lesson. Only Tutor Master and Super Tutors can teach our group lesson, and the maximum number of students allowed is three. This is to make sure every student is getting the best attention they deserve and also ensure that the quality is well-controlled too. At the moment, we are only offering a 10-session package.

Please see HERE for our pricing package.

How long is a lesson?

Each online lesson is one hour. However, you may elect to have a longer lesson if required.

How much does a lesson cost?

Our 1-to-1 online private lesson starts from $34 per hour. Our online group lesson (max three students per group) starts from $33 per hour. Please refer to our Pricing page for more information.


I've purchased a lesson package, how long can I use it for?

All lessons purchased must be used within a school term or will be forfeited.


When do I need to pay for a lesson?

All lessons MUST be paid for at the time of booking.


Can I get a refund?

Please refer to our “Rescheduling and Cancellation” policy set out in our Terms & Conditions.


What subjects does e2A offer?

Please refer to the attached comprehensive list of subjects that e2A currently offers to students. Please note that subjects might not be available all the time due to the limited number of tutors available for certain subjects. If you cannot find a tutor for the subject that you would like to have tutoring for, please send us an email.

I can't find the subject I need tuition for, what can I do?

Please contact us, and we will try our best to find suitable expertise among our tutor pool for you.

Can you match a tutor for my need?

Yes, we certainly can! Just let us know what your requirements are in our Tutor Matching Booking form, and one of our staff will get back to you shortly and discuss the details.


Do you offer a group lesson?

Yes, you are in the right place! We do offer small group lessons (max three students), taught by our top two tier tutors (Tutor Master or Super Tutor) only! You may ask, why only three students? Quality, quality and quality… We want to make sure that our students get the best attention possible during the group lesson so we believe three is the optimal number of students. Guess what? It is the cheapest package you can have with us!

What date does the group lesson start?

We will provide at least two weeks’ notice before the group lesson commences. In the unlikely event that a group does not have the required number of students, we may cancel the group lesson with notice. Register your interest today!

Can I switch to a different group for a group lesson?

No. Students enrolled in a group lesson must not change to another group.

Do you guarantee results for your lessons?

Unfortunately, we cannot provide guarantee to your child’s performance. A student’s performance is determined by a combination of many factors, which may or may not be within e2A’s control. Please refer HERE for the potential benefits of having a tutoring lesson with e2A!

Can I book for two hours of tuition for a subject per week?

Yes, you can arrange for as many lessons and as long you prefer. We do, however, recommend you start with a one hour lesson and monitor your progress as you go along. You may also consider purchasing a 10-lesson package to get more discounts. Please visit our pricing page HERE.

Can I extend the lesson?

Generally, you may not extend your lesson. You may only do so in exceptional circumstances and by providing more than 24 hours’ notice to your tutor as well as e2A. You must also ensure you have sufficient credit balance for extension. Please refer to our “Rescheduling and Cancellation” policy set out in our Terms & Conditions.

What do I need for the online lesson?

To ensure effective and uninterrupted lessons, it is your sole responsibility (both client and tutor) to ensure that you have a computer or laptop, compatible browsers, webcam, speaker and headset, preferably a writing pad (this is particularly helpful for Maths and Science subjects) and stable internet connection. We recommend that you test the compatibility of your systems and tools before your first lesson starts. More details on system requirements can be found HERE.

What if I get disconnected during the lesson?

You and your tutor have an option to chat with each other during the session. Upon disconnection, you can let your tutor/student know about it and then try to login to the room again. Please refer to our “Rescheduling and Cancellation” policy set out in Terms & Conditions if you decide otherwise.

What if I am late to the lesson?

Please refer to our “Rescheduling and Cancellation” policy set out in Terms & Conditions.

How do I track my child's learning progress?

Your tutor will provide and share a report with you after each tutoring session, highlighting topics covered in the session, areas your child did well in or needed extra help with and their overall progress. You may also access the session recordings at any time. If you have any concerns, please discuss them with the tutor at the start or end of your next session.

Can I contact the tutor after lesson?

You may only communicate with the tutors during your scheduled lesson. We believe this is a fairer policy to our tutor.

Are there any study materials available for me?

Your session is tailored ONLY to your needs; therefore, it is impossible for us to provide study material that is suitable for everyone. However, during your first lesson, our tutor will aim to get to know your child (and you), your child’s learning style, including your child’s personality. They will then tailor their lessons according to your child’s and your target/goal. If you are unsure, then make sure you advise the tutor of your choice, and he/she will be able to work this out for you.

How do I provide feedback about my tutor?

Upon completion of all your sessions with your tutor, we will send you an email asking for your review and feedback. This consists of “STAR” rating and comments. Your feedback is very important to us and to our tutor to ensure we can continuously improve our services and reward our tutors accordingly. You can also drop us an email any time at to provide immediate feedback.

What if I am not happy with my tutor?

At the end of each tutoring package, you will have the opportunity to provide feedback to us regarding our tutor. Alternatively, please contact us at to provide immediate feedback and attention.

Do you provide an online tutoring video recording that I can review at later date?

Yes, all tutoring sessions are recorded. With the session recorded, parents can check the contents of the session, and students can also review the session at any time free of charge.

What is your cancellation policy?

We adopt a strict 24hr cancellation policy to ensure everyone is given sufficient notice. For any other situation, please refer to our Terms & Conditions, under section “Rescheduling and Cancellation.”

Do you have a referral program?

Yes, we have launched our referral program. Please refer to HERE for our program.

What do I do if I still have more questions?

If you can’t find what you are looking for, then please fill out our contact form with your details. We will get back to you as soon as we can.

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