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What We Do BEST

Comprehensive and personalised learning experience with a highly experienced tutor

School subjects tutoring? You bet

Let it be Maths, English, Science, History, Geography… we have you covered.


Assignments & Homework? Done

Do you need someone to guide you on the way? Our highly qualified tutor can be handy.


Exam & test preparations? Checked

Do you have an exam and test soon? Yes, it can be hard to deal with at times! Let us help you.

Other study related issues? Sure

Need support with other study related problems? No worries, we are here for you!

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Bringing Peace of Mind for Parents

Every children is different and every parents has different budget.

We make your child’s academic success: SIMPLE, ACCESSIBLE and AFFORDABLE


Highly Competitive Price

Learning with e2A Tutoring means you can be sure of booking a lesson with us at the best rate without compromising on the lesson quality. The best part of it? The more lessons you book, the cheaper it gets!


Beat the traffic and your busy life

Reclaim your lost time! Save you and your child’s time from travelling so that you can spend more time together as a family! This is where we can solve your problem!


4-tiers of top quality tutors

We have multi-tiers of highly experienced Online tutors available. Choose from our 4-tiers tutors – Master Tutor, Super Tutor, Experienced Tutor or Qualified Tutor that suit your needs and budget!


Realize your child's full potential

HSC, VCE, QCE or any exam coming soon? We know it can be a worrying time! We believe your child is highly capable! With some help and guidance from our tutors, things can really improve in your favour! Best of all, you can track their progress.


Safety of your children

We vet our tutors very carefully, and we eliminate the risk of inviting someone unknown to your property by going online. What’s more? All our tutors have a Work With Children Check (WWCC).


Online video tutoring and recording

Everything is online! Wonder how to track your child’s progress? No worries! Our tutors will send you feedback, and a report after a session is completed! You will also have free access to the session recording!

Experience It Yourself

Lets CRAFT Your Child’s Learning Needs

Leveraging our highly experienced tutors to unlock your child’s full potential

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Why Parents Love Our Services?

children leaning with parents help

I was stuck overseas and needed to get my boys up to speed with the Old Curriculum – The head office was super helpful ( Michael) and our Tutor (Miles) has been fantastic . Always organised and super patient with 2 kids who’s English was their second language being Brazilian . A life saver!

Kevin Gibson
QLD, Australia

The whole process was so easy. I get to choose my tutor. Price is very affordable for 1 to 1 coaching. User friendly platform. My 8 years old likes it very much. Thank you!

Robyn Harper (NSW)

Robyn Harper
NSW, Australia

This service is great value for money. Firstly the tutors are good. You get recordings of the sessions for parent and or student review to ensure this. Considering this is 1 to 1 tutoring its very affordable and tailored to the needs of the student. The free introductory lesson helps clarify requirements between tutor and student. Being online it saves travel time and allows for flexibility in that sessions can still go ahead even when you are away from home (or during a pandemic). The administration team is very responsive and allow a certain level of flexibility between students and tutors. Best of all the student feels more confident at school with the added assistance.

Con Siraski
VIC, Australia

Fantastic services, both my sons love online tutoring.

Rebecca Clement
NSW, Australia

Covid19 made us switch to online learning. It is safer for my children , time savings and very effective so far.

Sean Li
NSW, Australia

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