Tutors’ Questions

How can I join as your tutor?

Becoming an e2A tutor is simple! All you have to do is signup here. Once you signup, you will receive an email from us with details on how you should fill in the application form. Complete your profile and all the other necessary details in the form. Please make your details as accurate as possible. Your teaching experience matters the most to success, so do your active WWCC. Once you’ve completed the form, we will then evaluate your suitability and get back to you accordingly.


What are the different tiers of tutors?

e2A provides different tiers of tutors to cater to the different demands of parents/students.
i. Tutor Master – Our most qualified tutor mainly includes Australian qualified school teachers with substantial school teaching and tutoring experience.

ii. Super Tutor – Mainly includes Australian qualified teachers with at least three years’ school teaching experience and considerable tutoring experience OR PHD and Graduate students who are ATAR high achievers with substantial tutoring experience.

iii. Experienced Tutor – All Australian qualified school teachers not included in the above categories OR PHD and University students who are ATAR high achievers with considerable tutoring experience.

iv. Qualified Tutor – Any tutor not included in above categories but meet our minimum criteria of university student who are ATAR achiever with some tutoring experience.

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Why it is important to have an updated tutor account and profile?

An e2A tutor account is important for you to manage your personal details, view your current and past jobs or lessons, manage your account details, and much more! An active and updated profile will also allow you to present yourself better to parents and students. Remember that you are one of the top tutors in your tier, and good presentation is certainly important for your success.

Note that your e2A tutor account will be activated upon being accepted as our tutor. However, if you have no lessons booked-in for 180 days, then your account will automatically be disabled temporarily.

How much do I get paid?

As a tutor contractor with e2A, we will pay you a fixed hourly rate as stipulated in your contract with e2A, after netting a fixed commission fee. The commission fee is a consideration in exchange for e2A providing Services, including the tutoring platform, marketing, booking, administration and guarantee for payment upon successful completion of a lesson which is approved by e2A.

How do I get paid?

We will make payment to all tutors fortnightly on Thursday via direct bank transfer (pay run). In order for us to process a payment, the following conditions must be met:

i. The lesson must be completed, approved by e2A, and paid by the customer;

ii. e2A has issued a Payment Order to you (this will normally become available within 24 hours of lesson completion).

iii. You have provided an invoice or tax invoice that complies with the Australian Taxation Office (ATO) and e2A’s requirements to us three days before the payment date, i.e., an invoice submitted on Tuesday (2 days) will not be included in the coming Thursday pay run (assuming this is the pay run week), whereas an invoice submitted on Monday (3 days) may be included. We will provide an invoice or tax invoice template to all tutors. We highly recommend you use the invoice or tax invoice template to minimise any potential delay in payment processing. Please refer to your tutor agreement for details.

It is also important to note that tutors must not collect any payment on e2A’s behalf from their clients as this is against our terms and conditions and will result in termination.

What are the subjects that I can teach?

Please refer to the attached comprehensive list of subjects that e2A currently offers to students. Please note that the tutor must update the subjects that you would like to teach in your profile under Teaching Skills. First, you need to determine which State you are qualified to teach. Next, select only subjects from the list above and, finally, select the level that you can teach (K – Yr 6 OR/AND Yr 7 – Yr 12).

How many hours can I expect to teach?

It is entirely up to your personal circumstances. We do not guarantee you will receive a minimum number of hours, although we have strict control over tutor numbers and quality. You may choose your own working hours. We do expect tutors to stay committed to their students for at least one school term.

Am I allowed to teach a group lesson?

It really depends on your teaching experience! If you are qualified to join us as either Tutor Master or Super Tutor, then you are allowed to take on a Group Lesson with up to 3 students.

How does e2A match me to students?

We do not normally perform tutor-student matching unless parents request us to match a tutor for their needs specifically. The main reason for this is that we believe all tutors of the same tier have similar, if not equal teaching experience and knowledge, and we want all our tutors to have equal opportunity and exposure to our clients. That is why your tutor profile is very important for your success!


What do I need for online tutoring?

To ensure our clients/students get the most out of their lesson, we demand that you have a good computer/laptop/iPad with a reliable internet connection. A compatible browser, webcam, speaker and headset, preferably a writing pad and table, is also very important. We recommend that you test the compatibility of your systems and tools before your first lesson starts. More details on system requirements can be found in our technical documents.

Can I extend the lesson?

Generally, you may not extend your lesson. You may only do so in exceptional circumstances and by providing more than 24 hours’ notice to us. Please refer to our “Rescheduling and Cancellation” policy set out in our Terms & Conditions.

What if I am late to the lesson?

Please refer to our “Rescheduling and Cancellation” policy set out in Terms & Conditions.

What if I get disconnected during the lesson?

Please refer to our “Rescheduling and Cancellation” policy set out in Terms & Conditions.

Is it OKAY for me to go private with my student without any written consent from e2A Tutoring?

As you may have expected: the answer is NO, and it is ILLEGAL to do so!

In your contact and our Terms and Condition, we specifically outline the following:

You agree that you will not solicit the services of any e2A employee or tutor employed or contracted by us without our written consent. In the event you breach this term, we may terminate your account and services immediately, with or without notice. Any credit balance or payment due, as a result of this breach, will be forfeited. This clause will survive termination of these Terms and Services.

Note that we may use a certain algorithm to detect any possible solicitation of services which may result in legal action against you.

Having said that, we believe our pay and reward for those who work really hard for us are attractive! We believe we treat all tutors fairly and very well. We expect the same in return.


Are there any study materials available to assist my teaching?

Your session is tailored ONLY to individual students and, therefore, it is impossible for us to provide study material that is suitable for everyone. However, during your first lesson, we expect you to spend the first 5-10 mins getting to know the student (and you), the student’s learning style, as well as their personality. You will receive some basic information about the student’s needs prior to the lesson so that you can design and tailor their lessons according to their needs and target/goal.

How do I provide feedback or progress report to my student?

At the end of each lesson, it is compulsory for the tutor to provide feedback to the client or student. This is important in assisting the clients, e2A and tutor to understand and keep track of the student’s progress better. The feedback will be automatically sent via email to the client. A copy of the report will be attached to the lesson in the system.

We will also send out a request to the client to provide feedback and star ratings to our tutor for each job that you have completed with us.

Do you have a referral program?

At the moment, we do not have any referral program for tutors. However we do have referral program for parents/student. Please refer to our referral program page for more details. Subscribe to our newsletter for updates on any future promotion or referral program for tutors.

What do I do if I still have more questions?

If you can’t find what you are looking for then please fill out our contact form with details. We will get back to you as soon as we can.

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