Despite the advancements in technology that are bringing us closer together every day, the modern world is still made up of many countries and cultures each with their own languages and dialects. Because of this, communication across such distances and cultural divides requires a common language and, like it or not, that language is English.

Across Europe where French or German might seem a more logical choice, throughout Asia’s markets from buying street-food right up to navigating the stock exchange, within India’s burgeoning aerospace industry and everywhere in-between, English is the global language of business. While there are languages that are spoken by great numbers of people, such as Mandarin, Spanish and Arabic, English, with a total number of 1.4 billion speakers, is statistically the world’s unofficial second language, spoken by 20% of the world’s population.

Learning a language lends itself easily to online tutoring, allowing you to pick up the necessary words and grammar before honing those skills in the real world through practical communication. And language is something which only improves the more you use it. Learning any additional language will broaden the mind, but none quite has the far reaching potential of English.

1. Learning English For Work

Even if you start out working for a small, local company where the need for a second language doesn’t seem necessary, think of learning English as an investment in your own future. Small businesses grow and as they do so they need to engage more with a larger, multinational world. Similarly, large businesses may have offices across the world and your skill with English could open doors to working and living in places you might never even have dreamed of.

2. Learning English For Travelling

And even if learning English doesn’t impact on your work, it can make a difference to your leisure time. The tourist industry uses English as a global language, so some knowledge of it will greatly enhance holidays and travel. And if you are one of those people who likes to get off the beaten track and really explore the world, even if you find yourself climbing a mountain in South America with a group of like minded individuals from across the world, it is probably English that will provide the common communication. For the less adventurous it still makes ordering a meal or understanding a tour guide much easier.

3. Learning English For Academic Studies

Around 80% of the world’s academic and research papers are published in English, it is quite simply the language of the intellectual. Also, with British and American University places being so highly sought after, be it Oxford, Cambridge, Harvard or Yale, English is the language which will help open the doors to an unparalleled education.

 4. Learning English For The Web

Whenever you look at websites, especially those with global appeal, they will either be in English or have an English translation page. Like the world of academia, the IT and Tech communities work largely in English. And even if the company you work for or brand that you are selling seems mainly a local concern, imagine the amount of potential customers you are shutting out by not also pitching your product in English.

5. Learning English to Expand The Mind

Apart from all the practical benefits, learning a language is a great way of keeping the mind active. You will develop patience and memory through the actual process of learning the various words and grammatical mechanisms but best of all it promotes great social skills as you go out and practice the language in the real world. People love the fact that others make the effort to learn their language and you will surprise the people you will get to know and the fun you will have even when speaking just a little English. And is there any better place to learn than in a coffee shop with new found friends to guide you along?

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